RODEO Binder

What are RODEO Binders?

RODEO Binders are a system of teaching organization and responsibility in students through creating and maintaining an organized binder with specific sections and folders. It's also a way to promote communication between parents and teachers easily, without backpack chaos! A RODEO Binder is a 3-ring binder notebook that holds everything the students and parents need to keep updated on classroom and school events! 

Why are they called RODEO Binders?

Our classroom theme is Wilbur's Wild West to keep with the theme Mrs. Wilbur created the RODEO Binder.  R.O.D.E.O stands for: Reviewing Our  Daily Educational Objectives.

How can I find out what's in a RODEO Binder?

  • 2" three ring binder: The student's binder holds important information for both you and your child. Keeping this organized will help your child be successful during their 4th grade school year.
  • Front Pocket: This pocket is for any notes or papers that need to go home and STAY home.
  •  Heavy Duty Pencil pouch: Please place any extra pencils or money for the following things: lunch, field trips, and book orders in this pouch.
  • Page Protectors for spelling and current vocabulary.
  • Information Section for Parents & Students: 
    • Class list:  for your personal reference.
    • Parent/Teacher Notes:  Here you will find paper for us to correspond with each other. Please check here daily for any personal notes from me. You can write any notes you need to send here also. This eliminates that hunt for paper when you need to write a note and it solves the problem of lost notes. I do ask that you date each note and that you leave all correspondence in this section so that we can look back and remember any communications we may have had. This will help me remember what we've discussed and when we discuss it. Please have your child tell me if you have a note for me to read in this section and I will reply to your comments/questions. If your child does not tell me, I may not know that you have something for me to read.
  • Student Planner: Your child will write his/her assignments in the planner each day. Please sign it daily.
  • Back Homework Pocket: This pocket is for homework and papers that need to be completed at home.Spelling homework is to be completed in the Spelling Composition book.


What are the students rules for RODEO Binderss?

  • Take your RODEO Binder home every night and bring it back to school each morning. DO NOT leave your RODEO Binder home, daycare, on the bus/car or anywhere else.
  • Take good care of your RODEO Binder. It will be used all year. Keep it clean. You must not draw or doodle in your Monster Notebook - Treat it with respect. Try not to have food or drink when working with your RODEO Binder.
  • Do not let any of your friends have anything out of your Monster Notebook. It is yours, and you need everything in it to be successful.
  • After your homework is completed, put your homework in your RODEO Binder and then in your backpack so you do not forget it.
  • Understand the point of having an RODEO Binder. The reason is to keep you organized, so keep IT organized! All papers go in your RODEO Binder. There should be none in your desk at any time! Every paper has a home- put papers exactly where I say, when I say! Not later!
  • Share your RODEO Binder with your parents everyday. Remove the stay at home papers every night. They will be proud you are being responsible and pleased to see all your accomplishments.